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True visioning is a process of active and conscious heart-thinking...

True visioning is undertaken with a conscious intention to  be of service to others, the Earth and a progressive human future. Such a process is always a humble striving, a sacrificial deed, a dying and becoming- never a completed process. It arises out of a dauntless striving to discover our destiny purpose and our destiny tribe, develop our gifts and give them to the world.

Virtuous Circle Visioneer offers one-on-one and small group conversations that will help guide you to discover and align your highest purpose with your deepest principles. You will then be supported in the design of life and work processes to support and strengthen your destiny work. Finding and following your true North Star, you will tap into new sources of imagination, inspiration and intuitive heart-thinking that will help you to unfold your vast human potential so that your inspired vision may be fully realized.

We will use a holistic framework based on the Seven Life Processes of visionary thinker Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the work of Christopher Schaefer and Tyno Voors in Vision in Action, and Otto Scharmer’s U-Theory.  Our method is authentic conversation and deep questions that will plumb to the depths and heights of your personal (or collective) journey and help you overcome obstacles that may be holding you back, Led by your brightest Star, you will be guided as you manifest your highest and boldest initiatives and enterprises.

Introductory Session
  • Skype video, audio or phone call.
  • 1.5 hour session
  • recording of session
3 Month Committment
  • Skype video, audio or phone call.
  • 1 hour weekly sessions
  • 12 sessions
  • recording of each session
6 Month Committment
  • Skype video, audio or phone call.
  • 1 hour weekly sessions
  • 24 sessions
  • recording of each session
Year Committment
  • Skype video, audio or phone call.
  • 1 hour weekly sessions
  • 48 sessions
  • recording of each session


"The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection and when in the community the virtue of each one is living"
R. Steiner

In our modern technological age, where tweets, likes and posts replace genuine human interaction, we may find ourselves slipping further away from humanness, even as we grow our lists of friends and followers.

The Virtuous Circle Social process will help you combat the anti-social forces of our modern age, rekindle human social relations, and discover a new emergent heart-wisdom that is born when two or more people come together in this way. Our self-directed course are offered for 2 or more persons to take together, and provides  a powerful and revolutionary approach to group conversation. We also offer facilitator training, and a shared revenue system for people who are inspired by this work to earn right livelihood. 

The emphasis of Virtuous Circle Social is on developing authentic heart based listening and  awakening socially to the open mystery of the sacred other. Through new concepts and experiential partner and group work you will deepen your sensitivity, awareness, reverence, and awe for those that you encounter, both in controlled groups and in everyday life.  This process can be used by couples,  executive teams, organizations, community groups, social groups and more to take connecting to new levels of depth, authenticity and mutual discovery. 


  • Business Plans

  • Strategic Plans

  • Website Development

  • Online Booking

  • Online Advertising

  • Social Media

The World can no longer sustain “business as usual”. The prevailing profit-driven, consumptive and usurious economic system has been leading us down a path of ecological, social and spiritual desolation. The growing movements of clean energy, green enterprise and triple bottom line business are a step in the right direction, but can we go further?  Can we create environmentally regenerative, culturally restorative, socially conscious, and spiritually nurturing enterprises and organizations?

Virtuous Circle helps innovative and socially conscious entrepreneurs and organizations on the leading edge (and often the bleeding edge) bring their visions into reality. We will help you, your organization or enterprise to develop  and implement life affirming sales, marketing and processes, and join the vanguard of those working toward a more enlightened (and life sustaining) economics.


I have been helping small and progressive entrepreneurs,  executives, small businesses and organizations for the past twenty years in various executive, operational and consulting capacities, including business strategy, business planning, sales, human resources and marketing including internet marketing and website development. I have specific industry experience in renewable energy, hospitality, natural food and beverage, and e-commerce as well as experience with non-profit and co-operative associations.

In direct coaching and consulting my emphasis is on listening to your specific issues, concerns, and biography, not with the intent to provide the answers as “the expert” but to allow answers to reveal themselves through heart-infused conversation and questions.



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